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Here’s Why You Should Clean Water Bong Mouthpieces More Often Than You Do

Everyone has a few things they always forget to clean.

Like the water bottle you take to the gym, or the coffee mug on your desk. Or, in many cases, your best-loved bong.

Notice a trend? They’re all:

  1. Things you use on a pretty regular basis; and
  2. Things you put up to your mouth; therefore
  3. Things that are probably covered in germs.

The germ-factor isn’t a big deal for the coffee cup or the water bottle, since you’re usually the only one using them. Most the germs on those things probably came from your mouth. It’s still gross not to wash them, but your own germs aren’t going to hurt you.

Now, about the bong.

That’s something you might share with other people. In that case, you should definitely consider taking time to clean water bong mouthpieces more frequently than you currently do.

Bong Germ Theory 101

Everyone’s body is home to millions of bacteria. Depending on oral hygiene, there are tens or hundreds of thousands to millions of germs in a person’s mouth alone.

Every time your lips touch something or someone, you pass some of those germs along. Most of them aren’t harmful; in fact, many of these bacteria are there to help keep harmful bacteria and viruses out.

But your mouth is can also be home to viruses (like HPV or Herpes Simplex) or bacteria (like gingivitis) that you don’t want to pass on to others.

That’s an often-forgotten issue with sharing a bong (or a joint, or any other device that gets passed around). The more people using it, the more people’s germs get spread around via the mouthpiece.

The first person to take a hit gets to enjoy a safe and sanitary bong mouthpiece. The next person gets to enjoy the first person’s germs. And so on.

Some users are conscious of this and use their lighter to sanitize the mouthpiece between hits. This will succeed in killing off any bacteria at the very end of the apparatus, but not those further down the neck. In other words, it’s a half-measure solution that still leaves some germs behind.

So What’s the Solution?

  1. Clean water bong mouthpieces after every sesh.
  2. Have everyone use a personal, safe and sanitary bong mouthpiece instead of sharing the glass.
  3. Wash that mouthpiece as often as you do the bong.